Do you own a swimming pool in your home? I know you might be wondering on how to get the best pool vacuum. In this article, I will explain on how to choose the best equipment. Cleaning your pool is mandatory because it gives you some comfort and ensures that your gear is well protected. A clean and well-maintained pool looks attractive and stays for a long time. Always try to spend some minutes cleaning your pool after every few days.



Here are some of the factors you are supposed to consider when choosing the best pool vacuum.

  1. Cleaning cycle – It is the amount of time taken by the robotic vacuum cleaner to run before it going off automatically. In case the cleaner has 4-hour sequence it means it will operate for the 4 hours then it will go off automatically. It has to be turned off manually for it to work continuously. Programmable cycle, single cycle, and second cycle are the most frequent. With a programmable cycle, you can adjust the cycle time.
  2. Type and size of the pool – The two most common types of a pool are the above ground and in ground pools. They vary in size since some homeowners have enormous pools, and others have slight pools. Each robotic vacuum cleaner has unique features and performs well when used according to its features. There are several models of vacuum cleaners, which are made for various pool types and sizes. It is always good to read the attachment on the packaging so that you can buy one, which suits your need.

Pool size

  1. The frequency of use – Each robotic vacuum cleaner contains an internal filtration system to remove all the unwanted materials such as leaves and dirt. You may need to use your robotic cleaner regularly in case trees surround your pool. Dust collected by the cleaner is typically kept in the filter bag or the cartridge. You will need to replace the filter bag and the cartridge when full thus, it’s good to buy a cleaner that has spare parts.
  2. Warranty – Robotic vacuum cleaners are expensive, and their maintenance cost is high. When purchasing, it is advisable to consider the manufacturer’s warranty. Some offer 1-2 years guarantees while others offer three years no prorated warranty.


Most of the pool owners face a challenge of dirt and dust particles, which may give rise to health problems. Therefore, a good pool vacuum should be able to suck all the dust from the pool. There are various types of spaces in the market. When buying, it is important to consider the price and features. These are some of the best pool vacuums you can consider.



It is used for all types of pools and sizes. If you have a large above, kiddies’ pool or a spa tub ground pool in your home, pool that will be able to remove dust particles and dirt is all you need. This one is very efficient in removing all particles. Let us go through some of the features.



  • Extreme filter bag- It has an entire filter bag which makes dirt and dust collection easy. The filter bag can be reused.
  • Smart rechargeable charger- It has a charger, which can indicate various colors codes when the battery is full charged. It gives an automatic indication. It takes less than 4 hours to charge the battery fully.
  • Lightweight –It usually lights in weight, which makes it very easy to purchase.
  • Independent from primary filter system – The filter systems is designed in a way that is different from all the other filter systems.




It is one of the best for many pool owners because it is very efficient in removing debris and dust from the pool. It can be used in different kinds of pools.


  • It has a multilayer filter system –It has multiple layers, which helps in cleaning out the debris from various pool layers starting from the top to the bottom of the pool.
  • Independent pool vacuum- It has an independent feature with no batteries and hoses. This ensures that there is no involvement of the pool filtration system.
  • Extra sand silt bag- It has a sand and mud bag which helps in clearing out the pool in a more efficient manner.




It has a high amount of power that is backed by a battery system, which has advanced spa therapy. It is very helpful in removal of dirt particles.


  • It has a reusable filter – The filter system has a function that can be able to reuse the pool filter.
  • Adjustable pool pole – It has a feature of the flexible pool that enables it to have a four-piece structure.
  • Clear debris chamber- It has a unique part, which removes all the dirt particles in a balanced way. The waste chamber can be used for clearing.



I hope you have learned some tips on what to look for when purchasing pool vacuums, have you? Do you have any questions? As you have seen, there are different types of pool vacuums in the market; you should use the knowledge gained from this article to make a good decision on what to look for when purchasing the best pool vacuum. You could click here to find out how to operate a swimming pool effectively. I will appreciate your views in the comments below. Feel free to share that article with your friends if you like it.



Wine cooler is becoming more and more popular among those who really like wine bottles collecting. However, there is something that you need to keep in mind when using a wine cooler. This article is telling you about that.

  • Wines tend to have better taste with aging.

That is always the bible in wine lovers. There is no doubt that wine with more and more years of storing will be more expensive and reputative. You need to choose a good qualitied wine and cellaring with age and care.

  • Wines need keeping lying down.

Every wine bottle is typically sealed with a cork. In case wines is sealed with twist cap, you don’t need to let them lie down. Because if you keep the bottle cork wet, then they will dry out soon and shrink. Oxigen from the air outside will get into the bottle and meet the liquid. Once the oxidation takes place, it will really affect your wine quality in negative way.


  • Wine need to be stored in proper way.

Proper temperature is very important to the wine storing process. If it fluctuates frequently, some chemical reactions may take place. It can make really bad impact on quality of the wine inside.

Another thing to remember is keeping wine bottles from exposing to direct sunlight or UV rays. It is still about chemical activities that happen and affect your storing process.

Humidity is another one to keep in mine, especially if your wine bottles are capped with corks. High humidity level can cause the corks wet and shrink. It let the air outside get into inside of the content and will change the taste and flavor of the wine (of course in bad ways).

The humidity need to be controlled under 65% or so. In normal beverage refrigerator, humidity level is just only 20% so I can assure you that it is not suitable environment to store your wines. Think about heat too if you want your products to be in perfect condition. The suggested level is arround 15 degrees Celsius of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Or store them with vino if you do not have a cellar.


You can easily find a new wine cooler from the market now. However, there are still some tips to consider if you want to save your time and money, also to choose the best ideal winer cooler ever.

  • Find brand review on the internet.

There are a lot of websites about wine cooler reviews that you can consult from. That is about internet power that you can communicate directly with those who experienced to use the product. What is more, the ratings of wine cooler products are not always the truth, but up to 70% per cent of belief. Try to find some trustful website, or share your ideas, your need through social networking services like Facebook, Twitter… It can help you out a lot.


  • Buy online for convenience.

Sometimes it is superbly inconvenient if you go to the market and bring them home. That is also the reasons why busy people are afraid to buy a new wine cooler. You can definitely find some e-commerce websites and order them. Nearly all of them provide shipping service. It is highly recommended for you.

  • Be persistent with your initial intention.

There are a lot of brands varying from sizes, shape, names, usages, colors… that can make you feel dizzy. If possible, try to learn all of them at home first. Learn to define what kind of the cooler you need and fit your home design a lot!

Here above are some of the tips for using, and also purchasing some good wine product and storing tool. Wish you all best luck with your new choice, and get really high class cups of wine.


Wine coolers are getting more and more attention and love these days, as wine is more prefered among beverages. It is used to cool and chill wine, for conservating and flavoring. Wine coolers are, generally, electronic equipments, and people utilize them for storing wine bottles purposes. With them, wine can be blocked from sun rays, and well stored to maintain their flavors and tastes. A wine cooler is able to sustain thounsands of bottles each year.

People often confuse between wine coolers and buckets, which are almost the same. However, coolers are electronic egine and do not call for the use of ice. The temperature inside is low, to keep the wines put in this device cooler than the expected level.


Wine coolers come in a variaty of sizes, but most of them are large size. They can be professionally used for holding a lot of bottles inside. Moreover, they have different measurements, and there is no common designs for this device. It is very of diversity.

The most common type you can see in the market might be tabletop cooler. They are to store white, sparkling or rose wines, and make them chilled. Other kind of cooler is cellar. It is used in case massive number of wines are needed to be stored. By adjusting the proper temperature and humidity, big wine coolers like cellers can serve conservation for hundreds bottles at the same time. On the other hand, almost whatever kind in the market now can change the temperature, according to the using purposes of the owner.

People prefer and choose coolers over refrigrators for many reasons. The temperature in the fridges is typically too low, so does humidity level. If the hunidity quantity is unregulated, the wines will be shrinked and diluted, and be destroyed by the havoc with air.

There are also other types of wine cooler, not just the huge and big size ones. Little coolers can help to cool off 1 or 2 bottles at the same time. Those are used for convenient purposes. You can take away along with you in a party, or supper meal with buddies. Bigger ones tend to be used to hold wines for long time, the ones in wood are the same.


The electric cellars are more functional. You can manage temperature, or set different temperature degree for every bottle. Big wine agencies or collectors tend to choose mega electric cellars. The coolers generally are so amazing by their warming ability and great comfort to use.

The target markets for those cooler manufacturers are mainly in tropical areas. Wine coolers of storage durations of about 1 year or more are prior for hotels and restaurant, and in these places wines require to be served frequently. To maintain wine flavors, 55 °F (equal to 13 °C) is standard temperature. It is also the common level for conserve wine bottles.

Coolers are the devices helping to cease wines from getting affectef by humidity or uneven room temperatures, then in great reputation fot that. If you let the temperatre too high (much more than 77 °F (25 °C)) then maybe the wines get inner chemical reactions, and resulting in bad taste inside.


Wine cooler is getting an essential device in every home nowadays, and popular for those do not live in too much big spaces. Wine coolers are cooling of chilling devices that provide wines proper temperature and humidity, sustain their quality for long.

They have such a huge benefit, as a cellar and refrigerator as well. Some people call them “wine refrigerators” in combination.

To know if it is valuable to purchase a wine cooler, or just use beverage fridge is ok enough for wines? Or in other words, what make wine cooler superior to other kinds? Let’s consider these points below.


Better for Daily Use

To begin with, wine cooler can really make the most favor conditions for wines to be stored, compared to a fridge. A normal refrigerator can provide good environment for all kind of beverages, so it may be too cold for wines. Wine cellar is even more favorable environment for wines, because it can store them for ten, twenty or thousand years!

In general, the cooling systems in wine coolers are suitable for any type of wines.

Reasonable Price

Compared ro refrigerators or cellers, wine coolers are much more in reasonable price. You may wonder why, so look at some reasons:

  • It is built only for cooling wine purpose, less adaptable than the others.
  • Be more suitable in size, capacity and adapting ability.
  • Other usages besides storing wine.

Low- Maintenance Fee

Wine cooler can be proved to your best buy, becaude besides economical benefit, you just only pay little for any maintenance scheme. It is esier to fix, because individual components inside is less complicated, and hence the fee for periodical inspection is lowered. Of couse that they are affordable and more convenient compared with refrigerator or cellar in this point.

Perfect Medium

As being combined between cellar and refrigerator, a wine cooler can have both advantage from both kinds in common. For example, they are so cost-effective if you do not need store such a numerous quantity of wines.

In actuality, the cost for constant upholding is not as much as cellar’s, and the fridge seems to be better in effect, but the temperature that is too hot, it can destroy your taste of wine.

When it comes to the actual cost, and the cost of constant upkeep, the wine cooler is the most cost-effective choice. The fridge can be thought to be better in saving, however, if the fridge might spoil your wine, it will really cost more in total.


Friendly To Environment

There will be no dangerous or toxical emission to be released when working out the cooling machine. Instead, it uses simple process of metal rod. Thanks to this, wine cooler can be at better opposistion in the market.

More over, with the medium cooling, it will help you to save much energy bill every month.


Wine coolers have a feature that make them stand out of all the other kinds: they are portable. It really can help those who want to take wines along with them in any business ventures, and ones who like to bring them to any social meetings. Additionally, they have relatively small sizes, compared to refrigerator or cellar, and hence do not take up much space in your house.

Another thing I want to mention next is, if you like smart home, try some solutions like put them into spaces with cupboards, bookshelves, desks… and enjoy how it works.


Wine cooler is portable device – really make them comfortable and easy to use or move. There are also other advantages: storage shape is leveraging, well fitting with any bottle sizes, nicely designs… All of them will make you eager to have a new wine cooler!

In conclusion, there are so much difference between a wine cooler and other tools of storing wine: cellar, fridge… Of course, which option you make depend on your purpose of using. However, with a lot of superior advantages, wine cooler is really worthy being choosen. They will never make you disappointed.


Have you ever wonder why wines with high reputation are stored in caves or underground cellars? And they are well preserved in spite of hundreds of years? It is definitely due to the perfect storage conditions that provide for wines: dark, cool, humid and other surrounding factors.

However, it is no way all of the stuffs that make wines sustainable. There are a lot of key points that you need to keep in mind, and hence help to make sure that the wine’s quality can be the best after aging and long term survival.


The best temperature for wine storage is about 55°F, if the heat level is excessive, your wine bottles can be destroyed.

Also remember that, consistency is very important in temperatures. If temperature fluctuate dramatically, there will be much bad affect on your storing process.

Humidity is also another point to be taken care of. If humid level is too high, it can make the corks shrink and oxygen will be exposed to wine, make oxidation happen.



Some wine bottles may have color-it is also the UV protection cover for them. However it is not enough. They require full and consistent direct light protection. It will prevent them from being affected in flavor dramaically, and could be suffered from premature aging. In general, white wines can be more sensitive to light, but the red ones can still be losing its flavor if being directly exposed to excessive degradation.


Sometimes, you can see from the top of fridges, there are certain places that can be fit well with your wine. And then it is natural for us to have intention of storing our wines in this racks. However, it is really the worst way ever to preserve your wines!

The first reason is, the refrigerature is opened and closed all the time, it might shake can make bottles fall into apart. An art piece can become a crack by just one winle. Just bear in mind of constant vibration of the frig.


One of the very important tricks for wine storage is, if you keep wines on its side, you can make the cork contact constantly with the liquid inside. Once the cork is moist, it can shrink and hence oxygen outside can expose to wine. The results are of course no good at all. The wine meets oxygen, then oxidation will take place and then favors, aromas or color of your wine bottle all spoil.


Storage Units Of Wine Coolers

Any rock wall or wine caves, underground cellars are available to be mimiced. They can be made artificial to become an ideal environment for our wines. Because light or high temperature could cause havoc to your products just in short time, always remember the factors – cool, dark spot.

That is the reason why basements are good for your storing place idea. They meet all demand of dark, cool, still and can provide large space. If you are not capable of finding a basement, just looking for a cool closet. For easier, nowadays in the market, you can find wine refrigerators or wine coolers – which are very popular these days. They are very diverse in colors, sizes, shapes, or prices that can fit your requirements and ability. They can offer the space for up to over 600 bottles of wines, and are well designed to make sure of these necessary factors: dark, cool, still, humidity…

Here are all the things you should remember to make a wine storage perfect for your demand. There are some basic things to remember: cool, dark, reasonable humidity, still and then you can find a suitable wine storing tool for you. Consider those things carefully and you will never worry about the wine’s quality for next few years with confidence.


This is an interesting ideas for those who are really involved in so many social gathering occasions. Wine is not only popular for late night dinner with your lover, but also in quite dinner with family or noisy weekend overnight parties with friends and colleagues.

It is required for your wines bottles to be kept chilled. That’s the only way to maintain good quality of wine. However, in normal cooler it may take up much space; the refrigerator is fluctuating a lot, which shrinks your bottles frequently, and affect them in very bad way. That is the first benefit of having a wine cooler in your home.


It is also the high pride of men, if they have a wine collection in their living room. It can be an implyment of success and power, especially with high end brands of wine worldwide. I want to mean the entertainment and decoration side of a wine cooler. Every time guests come over your home, you have the right to be proud of your wine cooler, because you can serve them with meals and wines every time they come.

There are a variety of wine brand in the market nowadays. You can pick up any thing that fits your demands of a cooler. However, choose the proper one with normal function that helps the wine maintain its quality. For examples, the temperature, heat systems should be adjustable. Typically, an average cooler can contain 6 wine bottles. You can keep them whenever you want to, and it would be nicely chilled and preserved.

Wine cooler are really adventagous. Just imagine a friend or guest suddenly visits your home, you can always welcome them with wind and food. Some wines, while being chilled, taste amazing and impressing. That is the reason why people often store them or keep them cool in cooler tools. They also help to save spaces for food in kitchen refrigerator.

Some bigger sizes of wine cooler can be utilized for commercial purposes. If you open a restaurant or pub startup, or you want to sell wines but in small business, a wine cooler is enough. They have many various sizes and designs for you to choose from.


When you choose to buy online, remember to check carefully the website’s prestige and feedback to make sure the products quality. Sometimes you can find a real bargain through the onlinemarket. There is also customers reviews that help you to evaluate right and choose the ideal one for yourself. Another benefit is they can ship directly to you home all the purchased items with high delivery facitities and attituses.

You can consider wine cellar or wine basements, however, it can provide very spacious places. It is more suitable for wine collector. If you have special hobby into these stuffs, consider one. Of course they are more expensive than other kinds, like wine cooler or wine refrigerator.

They are ready to use right after you bring it home. Let enjoy all the benefit that a win cooler can bring to you. Any occasion arises, your parties will be fulfilled and exciting more with cool wine bottles!


People all around the world enjoy wine. You can see its existence in some family dinner night, or romantic couple dating, or at company particulars. It is not only for fun, but relaxing and sometimes good for your health with proper amount.

If you are an wine collector or usually having it in your house, or simply you enjoy wine very much and want to sip them little by little every day, then a wine cooler is really necessary for you. It provides proper temperature and humidity to maintain wine in its best status.

We can help you by bringing some necessary information for you to make your own decision.


Type Of Wine

To consider what kind of wine cooler you will buy, think about type of wine you want to store. Each type of wine require differently, and then different optimal temperatures to be stored. For instances, champagne and sparkling wine require to be stored at different temperature than red wine. Meanwhile, several kinds of red wines do not need refrigerating. If you like various types of wines, choose a wine cooler which has different compartments, so that you can store wines in distinguished places.

Number Of Wine Bottles

You must think about how much the wine bottles you intend to store in your cooling tool. It is also a worthy thinking issue when making a decision in wine cooler. A safer choice can be larger cooler, because it is convenient if you have many bottles accidentally. If you just need to keep a few, smaller sizes are better. It not only helps to save energy bill every month, but also helps you to save living space.

There are also different types of wine coolers for you to choose. It can be freestanding, and self-contained, or fit on top of counter, or into cabinet space. If you run out of spaces, there are also very small spaces, depending on your conditions.


Designs of the Cooler

Another thing is about designs. Wine coolers now have a lot of designs which can enhance your aesthetic beauty and add more charm to your house. Remember that the color and design of your ideal cooler must fit the house design to make a harmonious general look. Sometimes it is the good way as your home improvement projects. You can add something new and mordern to your familiar home, and breathe a new, fresh life into your living space.

Other advanced functions

Final, you can choose freely more from the market, because there are a lot of genres and new advanced versions of wine coolers to be manufactured. Some have humidity controlling systems, some others get energy efficiency function. You may be interested in ones with displaying screen, and it shows all of the information of measurements. When considering all these options, you will be able to make a suitable one for your own demand.

All of these things above could help you to figure out what can be a good choice of a wine cooler. Those smart cooling stuff can really make your life better.

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