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The Most Popular Employee Appreciation Programs The concept of an employee appreciation program is to make people feel like their work matters. This makes them feel like their time is acknowledged and therefore well spent. People like to feel like what they are doing at work matters even if their position is low on the overall scheme of things. Here are some of the most popular employee appreciation programs. Personal Thank You’s When yo personally thank an employee for something it can be an incredibly powerful gesture. Writing notes is a meaningful way to deliver a thanks, but so is spending some time with them directly and offering up about sincere opinion about why what they did what so helpful.
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If it doesn’t really matter who takes on each assignment, a nice thing to do is to allow them to each what they think they would be best at doing. When it feels like there is a choice involved they’ll be more likely to invest more time into doing it well. Give them Lunch A really easy way make your employees feel appreciated is to offer them a long lunch break on certain days or to order in free lunch at the office. It doesn’t cost the company much, but the change of pace for your employees can give them a boost of energy that in turn goes right back into the company by way of their work. Listen to Them One way to let your employees know that you are listening to them is to put out a suggestion box that you actively check. Many employees feel like their working for other people without any input, which can be disempowering for them. Give them Awards When they Do Well Employees who go above and beyond their job description deserve to be recognized for it. This is the concept behind employee of the month programs. The ceremonies serve both to hand out the award to the person who did well, but also to encourage others to work harder in the hopes that they might be getting the award the next time around. There are other award options of course, such as giving out prizes based on incentives from an award program. The idea is to give them an added reason to show up and work hard besides their paycheck, which they’ll get whether they do a fine job or a stellar one. Without incentives people can get a bit lazy which is why it’s a good idea to give them a reason and an opportunity to reach for the stars. What you get back for implementing one of these programs will start to benefit you and the entire company pretty much from day one.