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The Importance of Radon Testing

The Environmental Protection Agency in the US provides a yearly estimate of the total number of lung cancer deaths due to radon and by far, it has reached to about 21,000 yearly deaths. This result is even bigger than the total deaths of fire incidents or drunk driving incidents according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which are the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control Report in 2005 and 2006, and as well as the National Safety Council Reports in the year 2006. Due to this given fact, the government in the US wants families to keep their homes safe and healthy at all times by using a radon test kit to test its presence and eliminate with the help of a professional.

Many people have yet to be informed about radon and what it can do. Just like air, it is something we do not see but unlike air, instead of providing life, it kills. Radon has no taste or smell. Underneath soil and rocks is a mineral called Uranium, in which forms the radon when broken down. We can either breathe in radon or drink it as it can go along with the air and water in our homes. If a smoker lives on a property with radon gas circulating, it will definitely affect the smokers health quicker by acquiring the common disease, lung cancer.

Do not think anymore whether you have been inhaling radon in your house or not, just have your house inspected immediately. To check for the existence of radon, you can try a variety of ways to do it. There are radon testing kits that comes along with a guide and is a cheaper method to start with. A more accurate way of identifying or testing the existence of radon gas is by having the property inspected by a certified professional, especially when the property or house built on it is new.

There should be an immediate action done once results show that radon concentration in your home is high as it will definitely cause health issues to your family. Once it comes out of the rocks and soil and combines into the atmospheric gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, it does not immediately cause the harm that we expect it to do.Radon affects our bodies if it gets enclosed in an area just like in our houses thus creating a more concentrated form and harming our health. What we can do is install a vent pipe that will create a sub-slab depressurization and keep away the radon gas. You should be warned also that radon can still leak inside the house and therefore this method is not very effective.

Radon can also be found in areas that contain high granite concentration levels. Radon is considered harmful and found just about in any home therefore, it is better to have an expert who will inspect the house for presence of radon and identify the level of concentration. You need to protect your loved ones from this silent killer and you need to ensure that everyone is healthy to have a longer life.

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