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The Functions of a Wedding Sand Ceremony

Marriage ceremonies have always been decorated with Unity Sands that forms the symbol of the unity of the couples. There are many sand ceremony kits for blended families today with the current trends of blended families with more than one set parent. Step parents too are active in attending weddings and they often come to the ceremony. Instead of choosing one person to illuminate the place with candles, you can choose the best way to involve most family members.

Most couples today go for sand wedding ceremony during their marriage ceremonies instead of the traditional lighting of the unity candle. Some people mayn’t have heard about this kind of ceremonies yet they are so common especially during beach weddings. You can decorate you take that is in front of the ceremony field with the highest level of expertise. At the center of the table can be a vase placed for traditional purposes. This is the only traditional section of the ceremony, the vase holding the gifts or contributions from each and every person who wish to award the couples as they take part in the ceremony.

Wedding sand ceremony is amazing, giving an opportunity for each of the couples to select a color that will represent their family. These sand colors will then be poured down as their parents walk down the stage and this will signify the unity of the marriage ceremony. The smaller container is carried by the parent or one of the couples and it will be set on the Unity Vase on the table. Each of the parents is required to go and take the container made for him/ her then pour the sand into the center- placed Unity Vase. There is space to check when the other parties who attended the ceremony are still around or have left the wedding sand ceremony. Each generation can be represented should the couples wish so; since they will just have small containers of sand designed for them.

Parents will be waited to occupy their seas to signify the start of the ceremony of marriage. Such ceremonies can last as long as the people witnessing it will want to enjoy. Towards the end of the ceremony, the couples will pick the remaining containers and pour them on the Unity Vase and seal it. For religious wedding ceremonies, it is from here that the religious leaders will bless the vase.

This makes the wedding sand ceremony a complete celebration. Just as small as one of the sands is, when they are all put together, they become substantial. During the times of Unity candle, it represented the unity of people to form one family, and so is the Unity Sand. The gifts that are presented to the couples during the ceremony will last for long.