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How to Find the Most Suitable Golf Courses for Your Playing Level

Golf is one of the most popular individual sports out there. In any one golf course, you will find both professionals and amateurs sharpening their skills. Due to the fact that some people play professionally and others for fun, there is a wide ability gap among players. A game of golf is most enjoyed when a player plays in a course that matches their ability. This is because the golf courses are also very different and would suit different players. If you are planning on testing your skills on a new course, use the following pointers to help you choose one.

Chances are that as you worked on your game at your local club, you got acquainted with other golf enthusiasts. There is also a chance that you know players with more experience playing on different golf courses. These are therefore the best people to ask for advice and recommendations. Those who know your game very well and have experience playing in many courses can give you useful leads. From this list you can narrow down the choices based on other criteria.

If you want to get a more reliable recommendation, ask a professional within the golfing industry. Most golf courses have some PGA experts who work either as trainers or in other capacities. Provided the professional knows your game first hand, they can give very suitable courses for your playing level. If you have a professional trainer, they will give you the best recommendations.

When looking for a suitable golf course, the internet is a very useful resource. Most golf courses will have a website where all the important specs will be listed. Knowing your game, choose the course that is doable but still challenging to you. There are websites and blogs that are dedicated to reviewing the playing experience on the various courses. Find out what other players are saying about the course, especially those in a similar playing level.

Every player should know their drive length or yardage when they reach a certain playing level. At a certain level, every player will have a certain average figure for their drive length. Knowing this figure, choose a golf course which offers an appropriate length between the holes. You should choose a course that will allow you to finish in more or less the recommended strokes.

Perhaps the best way of finding a suitable golf course for you is to take advantage of demo days. Most golf courses offer demo days whereby players can have a feel of the course. The benefit of this method is that on top of experiencing the course first hand, you also do it free of charge. Whenever possible, this is actually the best way to find the most suitable course for your playing ability. This method is, however, appropriate for evaluating golf courses that are near your area of residence.

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