Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Is Helping Others To Be Bold

There are many things that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has done with his life and in his ministries, and he has become a bestselling author because of the great book that he has written. He has traveled all across the globe and made himself and his faith known, and many people have come to have a stronger faith because of him. He has led people to God and given them a sense of hope that they would not have felt if not for his preaching, and he has even gone so far as to start a TV channel.

One of the other bigger things that Chris Oyakhilome has done in his ministries is to found Christ Embassy. It works with countries across the globe and the people in them. Christ Embassy helps to reach those who might not have ever been able to hear the gospel otherwise. It spreads a message of hope and love, and he has been able to reach many people through it. No matter where Pastor Chris is or what size the crowd is that he is speaking to, everyone pays attention to him. They want to hear what he has to say to them because they can see the passion that he has inside. He has been ministering to people for over thirty years and he has only grown more passionate about his work through that time.

An exciting project that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome recently started is the Haven Convention. He wanted to create a place for people of faith to come together to be encouraged, and he got the idea for a big convention. So, he set things up with others who are involved in ministry to get things going just right for the convention, and many people were able to attend it and become encouraged by it. People were able to hear messages that touched their hearts and made them feel stronger as Christians. It has always been Chris’s goal to bring people closer to God, and he is able to do that in a big way through the Haven Convention.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has always used his passion to make all of the ministries that he has gotten involved with succeed. And the Haven Convention is no different than anything else that he has worked on. He put his all into it and made sure that it turned out just right. He got the right people to talk on great subjects that would motivate people to live out their faith, and he made sure that every detail was taken care of. And, because of this convention that he has created, many people have been encouraged to go out and be bolder about their faith.… Read More

Tips for Sticking to Your Weight Loss Goals

Losing weight can be hard for a lot of people. However, you decide to tackle this challenge, you have to make sure to stay on track if you want to see any progress. In the beginning of your weight loss journey, sticking to your goals may be easier, but things could get a bit difficult down the line, which means you need to find ways to keep yourself motivated.

Here are a few tips for sticking to your weight loss goals.

Be realistic

A lot of people fail to reach their goals because aren’t realistic. You want to ensure the goals you set are actually attainable and something you are willing to work towards. Not being realistic can lead to you feeling discouraged because you haven’t lost the weight. When you sit down to figure out your plan, set small goals rather than big ones.

Avoid temptation

Most people who are trying to lose weight find themselves on a strict diet or avoiding certain foods because they aren’t healthy. If you want to be successful at losing weight, you will have to avoid temptation whenever it presents itself. This may require you to steer clear of certain situations where you could possibly eat something unhealthy. Those salty, sugary snacks may be delicious, but they only keep you from losing weight.

Reward yourself

People who are trying to lose weight can be really hard on themselves, especially if they haven’t reached their goal weight. It is important for you to stay on track, but that doesn’t mean you have to be constantly beating yourself up. You’ll to be sure you reward yourself for your hard work. It will keep you motivated and put you in a great mood, and this will hopefully make you want to continue to work on losing weight.

There are a variety of ways that a person could lose weight. From dieting and working out to using gadgets and products from, it is possible to reach your weight loss goals. Losing weight can take some time, but you just have to stay motivated and stay on track.… Read More

Celebrate Sibling Love with These Extraordinary Gift Ideas

The relationship between siblings is truly unique and it is hard to understand it completely. It is as deep as oceans, high as mountains, sweet as honey, clear than the sky and a lot more due to its multi-faceted nature. Celebrating the uniqueness of this relationship, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with great excitement in India and overseas by a number of people. If you want to redefine the sibling relationship to a new level, you need to celebrate the occasion with these exceptional gift ideas.

Offer a Sweet Surprise- Add a sweet surprise to your celebration by offering a box of exotic chocolates for your adorable brother who has always been special to you. Explore any offline or online gifting store to buy a box of delicious chocolates. You can also opt for foreign brands like Ferrero Rocher, Godiva, m&m, Mars, Hershey and others that are readily available on various gifting stores. Along with these fantastic chocolates, you can send Rakhi to India for your loving brother without any hassles.

Go for a Traditional Celebration- The beauty of any festival is in its rich traditions and roots. Similarly, for facilitating a strong bonding with your brother, you need to buy a traditional gift hamper for your brother that contains a beautiful Rakhi, Roli Chawal along with any traditional sweets like Gulab Jamun, Kaju Katri, Rasgulla and other such delicacies. This brilliant combination can set the perfect stage for the traditional celebration of this occasion.

Celebration with an Herbal Touch- With the continuous struggles in our day to day life and increasing work load pressure, people are becoming tensed. Due to this persistent tension and anxiety, people are unable to celebrate any occasion or event with their loved ones. Plants are said to offer a soothing impact on the mind and bring positivity in our home. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, buy a lucky bamboo plant that has wonderful therapeutic properties and send Rakhi to India for your loving brother along with this extraordinary indoor plant.

A Celebration of Good Health- Wish a healthy and prosperous life to your beloved brother by sending a basket full of dry fruits along with an elegant Rakhi. Your brother will definitely love this fantastic choice of gift and it will surely turn his celebration into a memorable occasion. There is also a special dry fruits collection that is wrapped in mouth-watering chocolates making it an irresistible affair.

Express Love with a Personal Twist- Any celebration becomes truly unique if the emotions and feelings of the individuals are attached to it. For making your sibling relationship strongest, you can offer gifts with a personal touch to your affectionate brother on this special day. Go for a variety of personalised gifts available at any offline or online gifting store to take your mutual relationship to a completely new level. Gifting items like mugs, bracelets, geometry box, T-shirt, fountain pens and others would be an ideal step in this direction.

So, make the occasion unique by … Read More

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Goes On TV Based In USA

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a man of noble standing. He is a healing minister, a teacher, a TV show host and an author that has reached best-selling standards. He loves to teach people about God, and he has been doing this for 30 years with great success.

He is also the president of Christ embassy. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome reaches out to millions of people through the Christ Embassy with many wonderful teachings. People love to talk with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome because he understands where they are coming from.

At the Christ embassy, the mission is to have people renew and continue their faith in God. So many people benefit from the teachings of the pastor that at one time, there were 3.5 million people listening to what he was saying. They all found something of worth to take with them into their lives to make more meaning of it.

Chris Oyakhilome has teamed up with Pastor Benny Hinn in order to start a cable TV show named Loveworld USA. The show is based in California, but people can watch it from all over the world, from wherever they are. The company that broadcasts the show is called Spectrum.

The two men have decided to offer news, as well as prayer services, songs and more on the TV station. They want to keep the show modern, so the people can relate to the teachings, and use them to better themselves. They are coming up with other ideas to keep the interest of their followers because they believe so much in what they are doing is something that is good and need all around the world.

With Chris Oyakhilome as a leader, many people have managed to improve the way they were living in many ways. They have embraced the words of God in order to correct some of the things that they were doing wrong. For the people that benefit from listening to him, Chris is grateful that he has the ability to relate to them in this type of way. He wants to see many more people benefit from the word of God, and improve their lives too. Since many people are lost in world that seems very cruel at times, Chris lifts their spirits, and gives the hope that they need to carry on. He is always patient and caring when he deals with someone that needs some guidance in their life.

Chris Oyakhilome is a man that wants others to have the life that they always dreamed of with God at the center of it. He will help them in any way that he can order for them to listen to teachings of God, and become better people.… Read More

How to Choose Add-Ons for My Car

Well, looks like you are on the run of choosing the best add-ons for your cars. A lot of suggestions must have poured in from your family and friends. Before you seriously reviewing their suggestions, conduct a self-survey to understand what exactly you need if for your car and how to choose an add-on depending on the city you reside, the type of four-wheeler you own, the average distance traveled, usual problems faced while driving, etc.

Let us look at add-on before you choose and add it to the cart.

  • Engine Cover:

Who should choose?

Someone residing in the flood areas of India or places where water logging takes place,

Why should you choose?

The engine is the most expensive components of the car and repairs are costlier. To safeguard your car engine from engine failure or damages, it is important that you have Engine cover add-on to cover expenses under car insurance.

How does it work?

It protects your car from water ingression, leakages of oil, engine failure due to hydro-static lock, damages in the gear box etc. In a situation like this, the insurer settles the entire amount for engine repairs or replacements (metal and plastic parts too).


  • No-Claim Bonus Protection (NCB) Protector:

Who should choose?

For good drivers and safe ones too, who hasn’t claimed car insurance in the preceding years, must opt for NCB cover.  Or you are somebody staying in the accident-prone area; paying more is worth to protect your NCB discount better.

Why should you choose?

It is associated with policyholder and not your four-wheeler. You can retain your NCB if you replace with a new car or switch over to another insurer at the time of renewal.

How does it work?

It works on renewals only. It is to protect your NCB discount and not reduce your premium amount. You can earn a discount up to 50% in the form of no claim bonus discounts. You get a no-claim bonus if you do not make any claims during the year. Suppose, you make the first claim of Rs. 30,000/- during the year in such a case you will not be allowed for a bonus. But when you have an NCB protector, you will be entitled to a bonus (maximum of two claims in a year).


  • Road Side Assistance:

Who should choose?

For a traveler, or is on tours.

Why should you choose?

In case your car breaks down on the road and leaves you stranded, this assistance makes arrangements for –

  • the flat tire,
  • running out of the fuel,
  • technical issues,
  • taxi and accommodation benefits
  • battery related
  • Mechanic visit
  • Towing

How does it work?

24 X7 emergency assistance will be given to you even in the remotest part of India on just a phone call.


  • Personal Accident Cover Of Driver And Passengers Add-On:

Who should opt?

If you are a frequent traveler!

Why should you choose?

If you often travel with family, you must have passenger … Read More