How to Choose Add-Ons for My Car

Well, looks like you are on the run of choosing the best add-ons for your cars. A lot of suggestions must have poured in from your family and friends. Before you seriously reviewing their suggestions, conduct a self-survey to understand what exactly you need if for your car and how to choose an add-on depending on the city you reside, the type of four-wheeler you own, the average distance traveled, usual problems faced while driving, etc.

Let us look at add-on before you choose and add it to the cart.

  • Engine Cover:

Who should choose?

Someone residing in the flood areas of India or places where water logging takes place,

Why should you choose?

The engine is the most expensive components of the car and repairs are costlier. To safeguard your car engine from engine failure or damages, it is important that you have Engine cover add-on to cover expenses under car insurance.

How does it work?

It protects your car from water ingression, leakages of oil, engine failure due to hydro-static lock, damages in the gear box etc. In a situation like this, the insurer settles the entire amount for engine repairs or replacements (metal and plastic parts too).


  • No-Claim Bonus Protection (NCB) Protector:

Who should choose?

For good drivers and safe ones too, who hasn’t claimed car insurance in the preceding years, must opt for NCB cover.  Or you are somebody staying in the accident-prone area; paying more is worth to protect your NCB discount better.

Why should you choose?

It is associated with policyholder and not your four-wheeler. You can retain your NCB if you replace with a new car or switch over to another insurer at the time of renewal.

How does it work?

It works on renewals only. It is to protect your NCB discount and not reduce your premium amount. You can earn a discount up to 50% in the form of no claim bonus discounts. You get a no-claim bonus if you do not make any claims during the year. Suppose, you make the first claim of Rs. 30,000/- during the year in such a case you will not be allowed for a bonus. But when you have an NCB protector, you will be entitled to a bonus (maximum of two claims in a year).


  • Road Side Assistance:

Who should choose?

For a traveler, or is on tours.

Why should you choose?

In case your car breaks down on the road and leaves you stranded, this assistance makes arrangements for –

  • the flat tire,
  • running out of the fuel,
  • technical issues,
  • taxi and accommodation benefits
  • battery related
  • Mechanic visit
  • Towing

How does it work?

24 X7 emergency assistance will be given to you even in the remotest part of India on just a phone call.


  • Personal Accident Cover Of Driver And Passengers Add-On:

Who should opt?

If you are a frequent traveler!

Why should you choose?

If you often travel with family, you must have passenger … Read More

5 Basic Rules of Online Dating

Looking for love in cyberspace it has become commonplace today. Although there is little doubting its success. Actually quite understandable, given the number of fraud in the online world. For online dating sites are trustworthy, you can see it through filipino dating.
Even so, there’s no harm really tried online dating as long as you still pay attention to the following points:
Replace reasonable photos
Because all started from a photo, then install the latest photos you have. To give the impression of a more exciting, select a photo that shows you’re smiling, but once again, a smile that was natural, yes, particularly for women. Put a picture of it with a smile too tempting or a dress that is too open only invites men who are negative. You alone will be branded as a woman who is not good later.
Profile = Whistles
Make an honest profile and indeed describe you. Describe your hobby or whatever be the favorite things correctly. If indeed you can not cook or do not like literature, do not have to lie just because they want to be considered so. You must also do not want to be lied to, right?
Be patient!
Assess potential mates in the virtual world can not be done in haste. You need to do a thorough investigation before deciding on a blind date, look for an online dating site that is actually accurate user profile, as you can see in the philippines dating site. Do not just because the prospective mate looks pretty / handsome with a stable employment makakamu immediately trust. Try to investigate more deeply so that you truly believe. Finding out about themselves through Google is the first step which is quite helpful.
give opportunity
Sometimes, photos uploaded by prospective spouse does not look as attractive as the original. So, if you find candidates with ideal criteria but the picture seems less ‘support’, do not rush scamper! Due to an error angle when the photo was not photogenic or can be made quite interesting original person becomes visible mediocre in photos.
Ready to meet?
Many eventually failed to find a partner through online dating just because not ready to meet during a blind date. The reason is quite cliche, “Fear not as expected, deh” or “I’m worried, If you found even can not say anything.” Actually, it’s only natural you feel scared or nervous about this first meeting you after such a long chat in the online world. But you try to think of it, if not try to meet, the relationship is also not going anywhere, right? So choose which one?… Read More

6 Secrets of the Hidden Greatest Women of Men

Women have always had a secret that is often hidden from the man, so that there is a term that emerged from men who say that women are mysterious creatures is difficult to guess the contents of his heart and mind. Habits woman like this will continue even after getting married and having a husband. Basically, every woman wants to be understood by a partner under any circumstances. Why is that? Because the woman is the figure of the meek and very sensitive in all matters, especially related to couples and families. Often a woman always wears feelings before acting, while the opposite, he always uses the mind or logic before acting. This is what often makes women prefer to remain silent and only harbored in the hearts of grievances experienced.

    What secrets are often hidden women of their partner? Here are 6 secrets!

    1. She actually wanted a more active partner

Many women can pass many tasks at once without the help of anybody. If you want to compare women and men have equal responsibility. If a man works for a living, women take care of the house, cooking, maintaining and taking care of children, even women can work and do all these things. But even so, most women deep down always want a partner who is more active and have the initiative in all things. But not all couples or men can understand this.

    2. Women are actually saving the fear of losing

Woman is actually very simple creatures fragile when facing a problem but often times women always hide this weakness by pretending to be strong as if it did not have any problems. Although the couple’s relationship is fine, every woman always keep the fear of losing. Most women being indifferent and seemed to show from the outside that their partners or men who need it when in fact these women just cover her fear.

    3. She actually wanted to be persuaded when angry

When he was angry because his partner made a mistake, most women will silence one language or burble-burble endlessly like a seagull. In these circumstances she really just wanted to persuasion, and want to hear the words “sorry”, “I’m sorry” or “I love you” from her partner. When he persuaded the woman, the hearts of women will feel fly and anger that was gnawing be lost in an instant.

    4. She actually really like to be praised

As women pass is good for couples, women actually crave the praise of his partner. Not that every effort made women insincere because it expects in return that praise, but this is one way that can make a woman more courage in doing something for the sake of his loved ones. For example, when a woman cooking a meal for her partner, she is expecting a compliment from the pair like, “So good you are cooking!” or “Thank you for the food that is tasty”. These simple words will positively impact women more courage to … Read More