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The Pharmacological Extinction: Naltrexone and Alcohol Since the early 1980’s, the FDA has approved the so called drug naltrexone, it has been used as a treatment for alcohol addiction ever since it was created and approved. It is a fact that there are tons of people who are suffering from alcohol problems and whenever they come to their doctors, they are always prescribed with naltrexone, but when it comes to the sayings of the FDA, they have said that naltrexone is not that effective while a person is not drinking alcohol and drinking naltrexone at the same time on a daily basis. There is some good news though, there is an 80 percent to 90 percent chance of success when it comes to naltrexone being prescribed and directed to alcohol patients all the time, this is all because of the research of a research scientist in Finland who worked so hard to discover this alternative to ensure that effectiveness of Naltrexone, his name was David Sinclair PhD. This type of prescribing method that is being used today is now called The Sinclair Method derived from the last name of the person who discovered it. In just three months or more, an alcoholic person can change to either quit drinking alcohol or just become a casual drinker instead, this is all because of The Sinclair Method that is being used upon them by doctors when prescribing naltrexone. When it comes to naltrexone treatment, it does not require the patient to be confined inside a hospital at all, it can be bought in a pharmacy and there is also a generic brand which is very cheap and affordable for lots of patients so that they can buy it whenever they need it. So how can alcohol addiction be treated by means of The Sinclair Method? According to the process of how The Sinclair Method works, it tells its patients to ensure that they know when to drink the drug properly, it means that naltrexone should only be taken by the alcohol patient whenever they feel that they are going to drink alcohol, they also should take note that it is not advisable to drink naltrexone whenever the alcohol patient feels like stopping their drinking of alcohol for a few weeks. Recent studies by the FDA have shown that naltrexone treatments for alcohol patients proved to be effective if followed properly and if not, it can bring many complications instead.The Art of Mastering Resources

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