Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Is Helping Others To Be Bold

There are many things that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has done with his life and in his ministries, and he has become a bestselling author because of the great book that he has written. He has traveled all across the globe and made himself and his faith known, and many people have come to have a stronger faith because of him. He has led people to God and given them a sense of hope that they would not have felt if not for his preaching, and he has even gone so far as to start a TV channel.

One of the other bigger things that Chris Oyakhilome has done in his ministries is to found Christ Embassy. It works with countries across the globe and the people in them. Christ Embassy helps to reach those who might not have ever been able to hear the gospel otherwise. It spreads a message of hope and love, and he has been able to reach many people through it. No matter where Pastor Chris is or what size the crowd is that he is speaking to, everyone pays attention to him. They want to hear what he has to say to them because they can see the passion that he has inside. He has been ministering to people for over thirty years and he has only grown more passionate about his work through that time.

An exciting project that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome recently started is the Haven Convention. He wanted to create a place for people of faith to come together to be encouraged, and he got the idea for a big convention. So, he set things up with others who are involved in ministry to get things going just right for the convention, and many people were able to attend it and become encouraged by it. People were able to hear messages that touched their hearts and made them feel stronger as Christians. It has always been Chris’s goal to bring people closer to God, and he is able to do that in a big way through the Haven Convention.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has always used his passion to make all of the ministries that he has gotten involved with succeed. And the Haven Convention is no different than anything else that he has worked on. He put his all into it and made sure that it turned out just right. He got the right people to talk on great subjects that would motivate people to live out their faith, and he made sure that every detail was taken care of. And, because of this convention that he has created, many people have been encouraged to go out and be bolder about their faith.