Simply Give Him Space and He’ll Come Back to You

When a man asks for space, a woman’s natural reaction is to want answers. She wants to know what she did wrong, if he’s in love with someone else, and what she can do to change his mind. Women who react this way are certain to push their man even further away. Despite what many women think, men are not very complicated. They typically say exactly what they mean. It’s the women in their lives that read between lines that aren’t even there.

Asking for space may mean that he simply needs some time to himself. Men are not as naturally skilled at multitasking as women are so they need to be able to focus on one thing at a time. Giving him that space to focus on other things can actually work to a woman’s advantage. When she allows him time to focus on other things that are important to him, he’ll be able to give his undivided attention to her when they are together.

Sometimes, men need a little more space to gather their thoughts and assess the direction they are taking in life. This might mean moving out or disconnecting from their girlfriend for a while. In these cases, women should give him space and he’ll come back. Most men want to be in a relationship. They just don’t want to be in one that is draining their spirit or is too intense for the stage it’s in. Giving him the space he asks for will give a woman an opportunity to assess how her emotions and behavior might be contributing to her man’s problem.

Instead of using this time to blame herself for her man needing space, a woman should use it to focus on being a better version of herself so, when he comes back, he’ll be happier. Women who feel secure on their own are less likely to fight and argue with the men in their lives. Because they aren’t dependent on their man, he can do things for her without feeling obligated. A man asking for space doesn’t mean the relationship is over. In fact, it might signify the start of a much stronger connection.