Winning Over a Middle Eastern Woman’s Heart

If you have recently been talking with a middle eastern woman and started to hit it off, we would like to wish you congratulations, and good luck – because you’re going to need it. Middle eastern women can be some of the warmest and kindest women once you win their hearts, but get ready to go through a minefield of societal norms and expectations if you want to get there. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips on how you can win the heart of a middle eastern woman.

Seduce Her Parents First

You can be the nicest, sexiest man on earth and tick all the right boxes, but if her family don’t like you, you’re pretty much done for. Middle eastern women take their families very seriously and they couldn’t even imagine a life where they wouldn’t have a close relationship with them. So if you want to get the girl, you have to get her parents first. That means showing the utmost respect to them at all times and show that you have some sort of knowledge and respect for their culture. And don’t come empty handed, a box of baklavas and nicely decorated flowers will go a long way.

Show That You’re Financially Stable

You don’t necessarily need to be rich to date a middle eastern woman, but you at least have to show that you’re financially stable and have some sort of drive or ambition. Though things are slowly changing, middle eastern women still have very strict gender roles and still expect the man to be the main provider in the house. But don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy car or apartment, take care of what you have and carry yourself with dignity. And show her that you have goals for yourself as well.

Be Careful with the Sex Talk

Before you talk about sex with a middle eastern woman, you first have to make it clear to her that you’re looking for something serious. Most of the time, they don’t have the luxury to bounce between dates and once they find someone, they usually try to make it work long term.

Second, know how open she is to sexuality. While it is true that middle eastern culture tends to be very conservative, opinions about sex are slowly changing and younger people are much more open to speaking about sexuality, albeit discreetly.

It also depends on which country she originates from. Iranian culture, for instance, tends to be more sensual and some Iranian women might be more willing to speak about sexuality. If you’re getting really serious with the girl, you could share a few Iranian erotic stories and talk about some of your most sensual fantasies. But don’t let the flames of passion burn too hot now, since sex is a very serious commitment for most middle eastern women. So, tread lightly and make sure that you’ve let her know that you are expecting way more than just sex from your relationship.

Winning over a middle eastern woman isn’t easy, but who said life was supposed to be easy? If you really want to win her over and possibly build a life together, make sure that you keep these few tips in mind and you’ll be one step closer to realising your wish.